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Issue 22: NEW WAVE – Vancouver Soccer Fans are Excited about Whitecaps and MLS

March 12, 2011

Feature Advertiser - The Province Newspaper


It’s finally time for the Whitecaps to join the MLS. Soccer is hitting the big stage in BC and its way past its due. Canada has been deprived its role as a soccer nation for longer than we can stand and with the Whitecaps playing their inaugural match against Toronto FC, great things are on the horizon for Canadian soccer.

Here at Free Kick, we are excited to bring you coverage via The Province Newspaper, our blog, Facebook and Twitter. We will also make our presence known in the community at events to share our love and zest for the game.

Sinclair - Captain Canada

In this issue, we must also bring attention to the women’s national team who will be competing in the FIFA World Cup in Germany in June. Largely due to the leadership of coach Carolina Morace, the women have enjoyed extraordinary success having adopted tighter ball control tactics and imaginative play. Writer Mike Toth gives us a closer look at the financial challenges and battles the team has endured against the CSA, the very body that should be promoting and supporting their ambitions. Recently, Canada was given the opportunity to host the FIFA World Cup in 2015, and while this sounds glamourous and exciting, we don’t deserve to play such a role when we have not supported our athletes adequately in the past two decades. Undeniably though, this will be a tremendous chance for women’s soccer to catapult into the limelight and the minds of Canadians who will passionately support their national side.

Moving on, we hope you enjoy our usual desire to make you laugh, smile and think about how our world is a better place through sport and the camaraderie it brings. Best wishes in your pursuits to embrace and live the beautiful game.


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