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January 17, 2013


SUNDAYS April 28 – June 23

(We will have a special FAMILY focus on Mother’s & Fathers Day)



Jericho Turf 

Play soccer by Jericho Beach when the weather is actually nice outside!

During Spring Soccer we will not keep score.  We want players to enjoy themselves and to improve their skills without the full intention on winning.  Players know what the score and we want them to score but it will not be the focus.  During the final two weeks we will have a tournament where teams will have the opportunity to play fun competitive “World Cup” matches with prizes. 

All registered players will be assigned to balanced teams after two weeks of fun scrimmage games.  We will do our best to coordinate players into levels that suit a desired challenge.

Have fun with your family at the beach after games!


Spring Soccer Action 2012

Why is it fun?  We play music.  We help coach but its relaxing.  Parents get to suntan.  Sometimes we bring coffee and snacks.  We try to balance the teams and make it fun for the kids.  We warm up with ball skills.  There are country flags around the field to celebrate the beautiful game.  It is community oriented and we all slowly get to know each other.






Division                                Game Time               Play Time 

6yrs Girls/Boys                     9:30 – 10-20am           2 x 25 min

7yrs Girls/Boys                     9:30-10:20am               2 x 25 min

8-9 yrs Boys /Girls               10:30-11:30pm             2 x 30 min

10-12 yrs Boys /Girls           11:45-12:45pm             2 x 30 min

  (Players may play Co-Ed or advance to older groups if it works for individual players) 


Maximum Number of Players per Age Group:  40

Have a blast with friends!


Cost per Player –  Includes cool T-Shirt &


Early Bird  (Before February 1st )     $80

Registration Fee  (After March 1)        $90

Late Fee (After April 1)                                $100

After  April 15 or On Field Registration Walk-Up if available:      $120

LAC $50  (must show card and number)

Dynamic Skill Training Sessions Available

Wednesday Evenings 6-7pm

Starts May 1 – June 19th

Field TBA in Area




We are looking for organized, soccer knowledgeable and enthusiastic leaders to help coach teams, referee and assist with logistics.  Please contact us if this sounds like you.

 Come on out and coach or manage a team!


SUNDAY DATES:  April 28, May 5, 12, 26, June 2, 9, 16, 23

(We will have a special FAMILY focus on Mother’s & Fathers Day)

April 28 – Fun Chaos Day – Players will arrive at designated times to enjoy a warm-up and welcome.  Players will be organized into fun scrimmage games.

May 6– Welcome back warm-up and players divided into fun organized scrimmage games to form balanced teams.

May 13– Formed teams will play an organized game with referees.  (Adjustments with players on balanced teams will continue)

Mother’s / Family Day Celebration (TBA)

May 27 – Formed teams will play an organized game with referees.

June 3 – Formed teams will play an organized game with referees.

June 10 – Formed teams will play an organized game with referees.

June 17 – World Cup Soccer Tournament

Father’s Day Family Celebration (TBA)

June 24– World Cup Soccer Tournament / Prizes/Goodbye


Number of Players:  5 + Goal Keeper

or Group broken down into 4 teams depending on number of registered players

Size of Field:  Approximately 25 x 45 metres

(Age 6-7 year olds) Size of Field will be in 1/8

Players will play 4 v 4


Score:  No Keeping Score

(Except for final Euro Cup Tournament during the last two weeks of program).

– No offsides.

– Goalkeepers can use hands up to ten feet away from goal line and four to five feet to either side.

– Throw-ins are used when the soccer ball goes over the sideline.

– All free kicks are direct.

– Corner kicks are used when defending team touches ball over endline.

– Goal kicks are used when the soccer ball goes over endline by opposing team.

– A penalty shot is used when the defending team intentionally hands the ball or fouls a player going to goal.  The penalty shot will be a break away from the half line against the keeper.  No rebounds are allowed.

– Changing on the fly is allowed but it is preferred during game breaks.  A penalty shot will be awarded to a team with too many players on the field.

– After a save is made, goalkeepers must throw out or kick the ball from the ground, no drop kicks or punts allowed.

– Coaches are not permitted on the field.  (except for young players)

– After each goal, play resumes from the half way line.

– At half time, teams change ends.

– Finish game with handshake.


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